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Oud Gift Set - Muslim Box Co.

When it comes to luxury, it's hard to beat the gift of Oud. Reliably sourced and approved by oud experts, our dehnal-oud gift box is the first in our luxury range and is sure to impress any oud addict as well as those appreciative of this rare and natural product.Contents:• Trat Dehnal Oud …

OUD GIFT BOX - OUD Luxury Collection

exclusive oud gift box to include: oud & vanilla shower gel, oud with rose hand & body wash, oud & flowers body lotion, oud with rose body deodorant, and the oud miniature soap collection. oud gift box quantity. add to cart. find store shipping policy. guaranteed safe checkout

Gift Box – Amaari Oud

Gift Box. Amaari Oud is all about the memories and experiences associated with our fragrances. Those experiences wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous package. Every bottle of Amaari Oud comes presented in a premium quality gift case. These dramatic cases come in smaller sizes for individual bottle or larger versions that hold the Amaari ...

Arabian Oud Gift Box -Arabian Oud العربية للعود

Welcome to Arabian Oud Accessories. Set gift box Set gift box Burners Refine oil bottles Exclusives ... Set gift box. Filter. Shop by Price. $300.00 - $400.00 $400.00 - $500.00 $500.00 - $600.00 Sort By. Set ...

Irian Oud Gift Box

Irian Oud Gift Box - هدية عود أريان - Gift Boxes - Capturing the scent of the Indonesian forests where agarwood is harvested, with a mentholated and cool green …

Oud Oils Perfume Box 7 Variety Pure Agarwood Dehn Al Oud ...

Description. We offer this discovery Oud Perfume box consisting of 7 samples of Pure Oudh Oil from different regions of South East Asia. The Agarwood Oil commonly called Oud Oil or Dehn Al Oud is a very fragrant essence, an exquisite Natural Fragrance with rich and varied notes extracted from the famous high quality and matured Agarwood (Oud).

Gift Box Pure Oud | Sabily Collection

This is our Pure Oud Gift Box! Specially made for the lovers of the Agarwood, this wood so precious and so coveted for its pure and beautiful fragrance. Composed of a very nice crystal bottle filled with 3ml of the Oud Oil of your choice and 10g of Oud chips that you will have the pleasure to …

Exclusive Bukhoor Gift Set - Touch Of Oud

Touch Of Oud. Type: Gift Box. Weight: 2.3 KG. Related products. Gift Boxes Exclusive Perfume Bukhoor Gift Set. Gift Boxes Exclusive Perfume Bukhoor Gift Set. ... Presenting you Touchofoud Gift Box Collection with luxury packaging for unbelievable experiences – Bunch of 2 Perfume, 1 Bukhoor, 1 Dukhoon, 2 Mukhalat, and 1 Burner.

Oud Lover Gift Box Sabily Collection | Sabily Collection

We are pleased to present you the Oud Lover Gift Box. A wonderful metal box composed of 6 types of Oud (3g of each) to make you discover a universe with rich and varied scents. You can even choose the color of your Box, Black or Gold. Here you will have the leisure to choose among our different packs equally tempting ones than the others.

Carved Oud Gift Set | Collection Box | Thameen Fragrance

Top Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, pink pepper, cypriol, cypress oil Heart Notes: Cedar wood super, patchouli heart, iris, oud Base Notes: Haitian vetiver, amber, musk, sandalwood, vanilla A must-have for Thameen aficionados, the Carved Oud Gift Set features a luxurious Carved Oud eau de parfum and the Carved Oud Hair Fragrance.

Sandoog Gift Box - Starting price 62 KD - أمبر عود

Jar box + Tola of the Daily Oud د.ك. 30.500 د.ك. 22.875. Sandoog Gift Box – Starting price 62 KD. We love stylish and design items that you may not find in the market. Our gift boxes are beautifully packaged with lots of care put into every box we prepare. Just go ahead and pick your favourite products and we will get them shipped to you ...

Moroke Oud Gift Box - ioudstore.com

Moroke Oud Gift Box - هدية عود موروكي - Gift Boxes - Warm, rich and luxurious – enhancing all of the leather aspects naturally present in agarwood, with the floral intensity of Taif rose, woody cypriol and the sweet and plush scent of amber and musk.

Bukhoor Gift box - Oud Box and Co

An amazing piece of gift, the Bukhoor box consists of the following; – Small glass bukhoor burner – 4 x 40gm Bukhoor – Tongs – 1 x Coal packet – Bukhoor spoon – Bukhoor tin/box. An amazing gift to any of your loved ones or even to yourself! Especially for those who are obsessed with beautiful aromas! A gift for all occasions 🙂

3 Perfumes Set Gift Box - Touch Of Oud

Select any 3 Perfumes and save AED 150. Mention the Products in the customer notes column during checkout. Perfumes List Each perfume is 60 ML each. The following products can not be included in the Gift Box. If you want those products in the gift box, contact us through, WhatsApp…

Kalimantan Oud Gift Box - ioudstore.com

Kalimantan Oud Gift Box - هدية عود كلمنتان - Gift Boxes - A traditional blend of aromatic agarwood from Borneo, softened with the cool floral freshness of rose and geranium – earthy, bright, and intense.

OUD PLUS GIFT BOX - OUD Luxury Collection

OUD PLUS GIFT BOX TO INCLUDE: OUD PLUS SHOWER GEL, OUD PLUS HAND & BODY WASH, HAREEMI HAND SANITIZER, SUTANI HAND SANITIZER, AND OUD PLUS SOAP. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE . Oud with Rose Hand & Body Wash. 300ml. AED 19.00 Add to cart; Royal Oud Hand & Body Wash. 300ml. AED 19.00 Add to cart; Oud & Oud Body Foam.

: Dukhni Ma'amoul Bakhoor Incense Variety Box ...

Dukhni Oud Bakhoor Incense Variety Box (20 Pieces) & Rainbow Exotic Bakhoor Burner - Gift Set… $15.99 Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Aromatan Cosmetics - USA …

Luxury Oud Gift Box - Scent Salim Oud

This is the ultimate gift box for all occasions. A master piece created by Scent Salim, and presented in a beautiful gift box. (Gift Bag included) Some of the most popular items from the last 10 years. Items included. 1. Amber Oud 12ml 2. London Oud 12ml 3. Award winning Royal Blend 3ml 4. Morrocan Musk 12ml 5. Kalimat Oud Spray 50ml Spray 6. 3 Oud car air-fresheners

Oriental Oud Bukhoor Gift Boxes - Touch Of Oud

Presenting you Touch Of Oud Gift Box Collection – 1 Bukhoor, 1 Dukhoon, 1 Burner. Gift Box includes: Burner Antique clear. Dukhoon Aghla. Oud Mubakhar Atheer. SKU: 301296-15%. 840.00 AED 988.58 AED (incl. 5% VAT) Read more. Add to Wishlist. Gift Boxes 9PCS Gift …

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